The Holistic Farmers Market kicked off on Friday, Jan. 14 at the Mercado Shopping Center in Ahwatukee Foothills, bringing together a range of vendors offering products and services that focused on a naturalistic approach to staying healthy.

The Phoenix Holistic Health Center hosted the event, which included 15 vendors. Gayle Palms, owner of the health center, said she expects an even greater variety at the next event on Jan. 28.

"We had a great collection of vendors out here today," Palms said. "The goal is to provide residents local, natural options to their health and to their food choices."

One of the vendors was Made by Bees; a co-op of beekeepers that sells more than a dozen flavors of locally collected and produced honey. They sell unpasteurized honey, and they also offer raw pollen.

"Honey is a great super food," said Andrea Dittmer, spokeswoman for Made by Bees. "It can help with allergies. You just put some in your tea or eat a spoonful and it can go a long way."

For people looking for a different type of pain relief, one of the vendors at the farmers market was selling the LaserTouchOne, a hand-held device that uses low-level laser therapy and micro-current electrical stimulation to "wake up" nerves.

"There have been a lot of cases where a person thought their option to cure pain was surgery," said Rob Ames, a distributor. "They would use this product, and the pain would subside immeasurably."

The Holistic Farmers Market takes place the second and fourth Fridays at the southwest corner of 48th Street and Elliott Road. To find out more, visit the Phoenix Holistic Health Center, 4747 E. Elliott Road, or

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