This past weekend we visited relatives in California. My wife had guests who have two daughters a little older than our daughter so it was fun to see them dote on her and play dress up and laugh together.

On Saturday, we ventured out to splash and play at a local water park and had an absolute blast. My daughter floated along on an inner tube as we smiled and sang on the man-made lazy river. Being at the park was a refreshing break from the heat and playing in the water was peaceful and relaxing.

At lunchtime, my father-in-law was a true gentleman and went outside and cooled off the mini-van and we ate healthy lunches that we had prepared in the car to avoid eating all the processed food available at the vending stands (you can also read that as we wanted to make sure we had happy and healthy children who went to bed early as opposed to staying up late wired on chemicals, preservatives and sugar).

My mother-in-law was kind enough to stay in the park and keep an eye on our lounge chairs as we all snacked in the cool car. Then I thought we would trade places so my mother-in-law could go out and take a break from the sun and eat her lunch in the air-conditioned car. However, she asked us to sneak in her sandwich and snacks under our towels so that she would not have to go back out to the car. I was reluctant to sneak in food, as the park requested that all food and beverage be left outside the park (maybe to increase profits or simply to avoid any unwanted substances creeping in, I gave them the benefit of the doubt because life is easier for me that way).

We successfully snuck the sandwich and snacks into the park and within five minutes our inner tubes got snagged by a mischievous teenager who was too swift on foot to nab. My wife and I laughed so hard because the sandwich sneak boomeranged around as fast as the law of returns is always perfect. We break the rules and our inner tubes get snagged and we have to pay for more inner tubes. We got the lesson that the sneak cost us in the long run.

You might see all of this as coincidence, but we did not. We smiled and laughed as we thought of the principle that life's cash register always comes out balanced.

On the ride home, my daughter drifted off to sleep in her car seat, and my wife and I reflected upon how this incident reminded us of the laws of health and success. So often we hear people speak about how their health concerns just suddenly surfaced without any connection to prior events or circumstances. We then slowly help people re-trace their steps as they come to understand that one's health status is a cumulative event.

There are no effects without causes. So we invite you to think about your health and life in regards to a boomerang, or in our case an inner tube. The choices you make now return with interest and we celebrate that you are the type of people who make choices that continually help you float along the sea or water park of life.

• Dr. Jason Kolber is a licensed doctor of chiropractic and a certified life coach. Reach him at (480) 704-2787 or


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