The parents and staff at Kyrene de la Colina wanted to make their children a little more excited about exercise.

For the past several years, they have put on Field Day at the Ahwatukee Foothills elementary school, and with the 2012 Olympics coming up they felt it the timing of it couldn’t be better.

The school hosted parent volunteers and PTO members on Friday, March 9 on campus for this year’s Field Day, with the theme of “The Olympic Games.” The idea, one PTO member said, was to encourage exercise through the relevance of the upcoming games in London.

“We’re trying to make it huge day and we focused it around the Olympics,” Tobi McCarthy, Colina PTO member, said. “We always do it right before Spring Break and to honor physical education and making people more aware of how important it is to stay physically active. With budget cuts, this is another way of adding more physical education to the school system.”

Students from kindergarten through fifth grade ran hurdles and other sports and track and field events throughout the morning on Friday. The events were designed by Colina physical education teachers Dave Moser and Carol Wallace.

“It can be tough that the kids don’t get a lot of exposure to track and field so we wanted to do things they might not normally do,” McCarthy said. “The event was a good, collaborate effort between parents and PE teachers for encouraging physical activity.”

Last year the school hosted the fire department and taught, in addition to exercise and physical activity, other safety tips such as what to do in a fire.

They called it “The Best Day Ever,” McCarthy said, because it honored community outreach in addition to personal fitness.

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