We hear Hamas uses children as shields for military (political) purposes and, truth is, it looks like the terrorist group is guilty.

As we condemn them, there are others who compare that atrocity to what our White House and Congress and certain employers in America are doing with our southern border and have done for decades.

So we must ask, what responsibility do American citizens have to stop our own evil?

Our pretend border is a manipulation of the weakest and most helpless. Yet, well-meaning citizens promote it, ignorant of the political agendas, which inadvertently feed evil responses in both countries.

Those who really care to understand will lift the covers and examine how this latest immigration crisis happened: Who sends kids hundreds of miles away from home and which parents willingly let them go with only an “information note attached?” Who comes up with the thousands of dollars needed to pay “mules” to take them on the long trek, a trek reports tell us follow drug trafficking routes?

It can be assumed those very children will soon be customers of the drug cartels and American gangs, violated beyond our imaginations.

Recently, I happened onto a 2012 movie, “Border Run,” starring Sharon Stone. It exposes the horror at our southern borders that we only hear about. The evil is raw in its depiction.

My senses have raged since viewing the movie, which is based on true events. Produced by Lucas Jarach, it is vivid and gut wrenching. A must see.

I’m guessing it was produced to sell amnesty and open borders, but I saw it through different eyes: Open borders is a magnet. It attracts dreamers to the fly paper where the evil feed. Of course it does: Leave the gate to the pool open, pets and kids are drawn to the pleasure, and so are strangers. Leave grocery stores unlocked, the hungry come and so do opportunists.

Fury must come from American citizens. It must end. We are the last line and we will be severely judged by Heaven if we do not.

If a closed border is offensive to you, then ladies and gentlemen, let’s open it up wide, wide open. Allow innocents to cross safely. Dedicate funds and manpower to make it safer for all who want to come.

But, if we are to feed the world, we must fund the process. If you’re willing to share equally, share your property, your paychecks and our entire social services with the world, then let’s do it now with dignity and honor and order.

Open it wide, or close it solid supported by law-controlled immigration. This is your problem and mine. Save lives. Stop the suffering. Otherwise, know this: In regards to opportunistic exploitation of innocence, the USA is not that much different than Hamas.

We elect these people who control our borders. The blame rests with us. Remember that on Election Day and every day thereafter.

• East Valley resident Linda Turley-Hansen is a syndicated columnist and former veteran Phoenix TV anchor. She can be reached at turleyhansen@gmail.com.

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