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From left, Isabelle Loh, Zoey Graziano and Annika Bridge make lemonade for their lemonade stand. The money will go to support relief to Typhoon survivors in the Philippines.

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Some area kids have band together to raise funds for the Philippines, which was ravaged by a typhoon a week ago, by having a lemonade stand/bake sale tomorrow afternoon.

Ahwatukee kids Jack Walton, and Logan, Collin and Annika Bridge have created similar charities in the past.

The idea for developing a lemonade stand for disaster relief began years ago, when Jack and Logan decided to assist with gathering donations for victims during the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

During the first lemonade stand they were able to get Motorola to sponsor it by matching the amount raised, bringing the total to $1,600.

Since then, Jack and Logan have found help from their friends to put up more lemonade stands, most recently for victims of Hurricane Sandy, where they raised upwards of $900.

Pamela Bridge, mother of Logan, Collin and Annika, said in the past the lemonade stands have been a really big hit around the neighborhood, having groups of people coming out and donating what they can towards the cause.

She added that some local organizations around the area, such as Ahwatukee Children’s Theatre, have joined in the efforts by leaving donation jars outside their businesses for any individual interested in making a donation.

Annika said the main reason for having the lemonade stand is to be able to help people in the Philippines who have had their lives affected by the recent typhoon.

“There’s a bunch of families in the Philippines right now that do not have any food, water or electricity, so by raising money for them we can give them all that stuff,” she said.

The day before the fundraiser Annika and her friends made the lemonade and baked an assortment of cookies. The lemonade and cookies are being sold for $1.

“I think all kids want to do something that matters and be able to help... and it’s in response to how sad and terrible they feel about what has happened,” Pamela added.

The lemonade stand will occur this Saturday, Nov. 23, from 2 to 4 p.m. at Desert Foothills Park, 1010 E. Marketplace Way, with all proceeds going directly to the Red Cross.

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