Kindergartners also have their graduation Ahwatukee Foothills Montessori

Ahwatukee Foothills Montessori kindergartners donned caps and gowns for their graduation last week. The newly minted first graders-to-be include Pranav Madusudhana.

High schools and middle schools weren’t the only ones to hold the annual rite of passage called graduation.

Last week, Ahwatukee Foothills Montessori also held its annual kindergarten graduation, which included four students who won medals in the kindergarten section of the essay contest held by the Grand Canyon State Games.

Winners were: Aaliya Kalra, gold for “How to be a Good Friend;” silver, Sahana MuKund for “Get Active Get Healthy;” bronze, Claire Coe for “How to be a Good Friend;” and honorable  mention to Julia Starr for “My American Hero!”

During the graduation, each child read a short essay as part of the ceremony that focused on what they wanted to be when they grow up.

Claire Coe wants to be a flight attendant because “I want to help everyone stay safe on airplanes” and David Wu a pilot while Farah Hoque and Apurva Chitneni both want to be pediatricians and Aanya Chitral, a pediatric dentist.

Aaliya Kalra is eying a career as a doctor who helps people in need in other countries.

Trisha Kashyap has her heart set on becoming a “wild animal rehabilitation specialist” and Nihira Kulkarni wants to be a teacher and a mom, saying “My students will learn the golden rule to treat others the way you want to be treated.”

Sahana Mukund and Suneha Sunil want to be veterinarians and Aryan Venkat wants to train pets.

Esther Wu intends on becoming an Olympic figure skater and a professional ice skater.

Jessie Zhang and Albert Chu have their eyes on becoming zookeepers while police officer is the intended career for five students, Emir Memiogiu, John Allison, Shrish Gopikrishnan, Arjun Phadnis and Ramya Akelia.

Kaan Kumanlioglu told the audience he wants to be a paleontologist and will prepare for that career this way: “I will study biology and read a lot of books about dinosaurs.”

Pranav Madhusudhana likes the idea of building robots and Abirami Selvaraj has her heart set on becoming a ballet dancer and, eventually, a ballet teacher even though, she admitted, “Ballet is hard work.”

Julia Starr wants to teach math and music and Deepta Akella likes the idea of teaching art.

Vishruta Belavadi intends on becoming a “kind doctor” and Neel Kulkarni likes the notion of landscaping, vowing, “I will make people’s gardens beautiful.”

Nisha Kulkarni wants to be a firefighter and also “help collect bears for the children in the hospital.”

Gowri Parupudi wants to be a nurse and Varsha Sridhar a scientist who “can make new medicines, then people can get better faster when they are sick.”

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