Save Club West founder Jim Lindstrom has developed a proposal in which homeowners would buy the community's beleagured golf course.

Jim Lindstrom, who is concerned about deterioration of Club West in Ahwatukee, stands in his backyard with the golf course beyond.

Cheryl Haselhorst/AFN Staff Photographer

Save Club West is edging closer to becoming Buy Club West.

The group of more than 650 homeowners in the Ahwatukee golf course community has scheduled a meeting for all their neighbors at 6:30 p.m. Dec. 14 at Mountain View Community Church, Pecos Road and 24th Street, Ahwatukee, to discuss a plan to buy the Club West Course and operate it at a profit.

Jim Lindstrom, who organized Save Club West after course owner Wilson Gee began curtailing irrigation in June, said the plan that has been developed is similar to one used by Sunland Springs resort homeowners in Mesa. About 400 homeowners there pitched in $5,000 apiece to buy the public course after its owner put it up for sale.

Gee has complained in the past that his Phoenix water bill of $700,000 a year is too high and has put the course up for sale at $1.9 million.

He also curtailed watering the course, creating conditions that prompted to Club West HOA board to file a suit demanding he provide sufficient watering and maintenance to keep the course in good condition.

Save Club West believes a lawsuit does little to solve the long-term problem of finding a source of water that is cheaper than Phoenix potable water.

“The situation at Club West is unique in that we have a water sourcing issue that makes it difficult for any owner to operate the golf course profitability,” Lindstrom said in a letter to state Rep. Jill Norgaard, R-Ahwatukee, who has been working with HOAs in the area of the South Mountain Freeway to resolve a number of issues related to the impending highway.

Lindstrom said Norgaard will be attending the Dec. 14 meeting.

Lindstrom’s group raised enough money to hire a golf management company, a course architect and water experts to develop “a strategy that would enable the golf course to be operated at breakeven or profitably well into the future.”

“Water is at the heart of the problem,” he added, stating that he is hoping Club West homeowners will provide “feedback on our strategy and direction to move forward with a purchase option.”

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