Isaiah Evans, left, and Mark Pietrzak show each other their answers of math problems on their iPads in Greg Broberg's fourth grade class at Kyrene de Milenio on Monday, Sept. 10, 2012.

[David Jolkovski/AFN]

Kyrene de la Sierra Elementary School recently received the green light to adopt the Kyrene Teaches with Technology Project (KTTP) 2.0 program, designed to integrate new technology devices like an iPad into five second-grade classrooms.

The course material that will be taught through the KTTP 2.0 program will be cross curricular, ranging from subjects such as reading, writing, math, science and history.

Of the five second-grade classes selected into the KTTP 2.0 program, they will receive 11 iPads, 10 for students and one for the instructor.

They will also receive eight laptops and two computer monitors that will help steamroll the program.

The school decided on piloting the program by giving each grade level the chance to apply for the program.

They were broken up into teams having to write an essay on why they would like to be a part of the program.

Out of each team that applied for the program, the second-grade team was selected as the front runners of KTTP 2.0.

Dana Westermann, student advisor, said the Kyrene School District has been trying to introduce new technology into the classroom for some time now.

“There are five teachers on this team, and each classroom will be given 10 iPads for kids and one iPad for the teacher that will be preloaded with a series of apps to promote learning,” Westermann said.

Professional development criteria will also be given out to the five teachers, assisting and familiarizing them with the tools they are being given.

Westermann added that what’s great about the program going to Sierra is many of the students are already familiar with using these types of electronic devices.

“Teaching the technology won’t be the challenge,” she said.

The date is still unknown on when the classes will receive the new hardware, but Westermann is confident they will come within a few weeks.

“Our hope is to open up the opportunities these kids get, and make their world a little smaller while keeping them engaged,” she said. “We want them to be really well versed in what they need to learn.”

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