The morning of Valentine’s Day was filled with love at Mountain Park Senior Living in Ahwatukee with preschoolers of Children of Hope Child Development Center handing out candy and cards to each person they came across.

The Parent Posse, a volunteer group at Children of Hope, plan different community events each month, and decided to give each senior at Mountain Park Senior Living a special Valentine.

Four students from Children of Hope made their rounds passing Valentine’s Day cards throughout the halls and lounge areas, which brightened each senior’s morning.

More than 75 cards were given out to the seniors at Mountain Park Senior Living on Valentine’s Day.

Students at Children of Hope made the cards during an after-school activity, spending nearly 20 minutes on each card.

The after-school activity encouraged parent involvement, allowing parents to get acquainted with one another.

School board co-president Desiree Wallin said passing out Valentine’s Day cards to each of the seniors was a way of thanking them for their assistance during the Christmas season.

During the Christmas season, students at Children of Hope wrote cards to Santa, and seniors at Mountain Park Senior Living were “special helpers” and wrote responses to each card posing as Santa.

“It kind of developed into let’s go visit the seniors and hand them the Valentines,” Wallin said. “It gets students together to create a community within the school, and a chance to give back to the community.”

Wallin felt Valentine’s Day at the center was a way to reciprocate the love and kindness they had received from the seniors.

Parent Posse member Jill Wells said the students wanted to make each card perfect for their special Valentine.

“Everyone needs love at any age… and everyone loves to have a Valentine on Valentine’s Day,” Wells said.

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