An Ahwatukee Foothills dance studio is collecting cash donations for a former teacher who survived a 100-foot fall down a cliff in Colorado.

Dylan Schuetz, 21, was hiking with some friends on Aug. 13 on Saint Mary’s Glacier in Summit County, Colo., when he decided to climb a rock face. While climbing, Schuetz slipped and fell 100 feet.

Schuetz is a well-known gymnast in Colorado. It’s that training that allowed him to turn his body in the air and land on his feet.

The fall did cause Schuetz to break several bones, including both his legs and ankles, and puncture a lung. Doctors had to remove both of his knee caps.

Kimberly Lewis, owner of Dance Studio 111, said she met Dylan four years ago through the competition circuit. When she heard he was moving to Arizona a year ago, she called him and offered him a job teaching acrobatics and tumbling at the studio. He accepted the position and worked at Dance Studio 111 for a year before returning to Colorado to be closer to family.

“He is very much a beloved teacher at the dance studio,” Lewis said. “He taught dancers from 5 to 20 years of age. He has touched so many of our children’s lives and parents. He was very involved in our studio and this is a very devastating thing for us.”

Dance Studio 111 will be collecting cash donations to help Schuetz with medical bills. He has been through four surgeries in a week and more are expected. Schuetz is still in the intensive care unit but is expected to survive.

“He’s the only known survivor ever to survive a fall like this,” Lewis said. “It’s a miracle he’s alive. When it happened ,we got the call that he was in critical condition and I said ‘I bet you anything, knowing Dylan as a gymnast, that he was able to flip his body around and land on his feet.’ Lewis is asking the community to keep Dylan in their prayers.

Schuetz’s friends have set up a GoFundMe fundraising page. To donate, visit

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