Center Pointe Dance Studio is quickly building its trophy collection. With a national competition coming up in Las Vegas next week, they will have a chance to add a lot more.

In the Kids Artistic Revue competition that took place in early June, Center Pointe was named “Top Primary Studio” and “Top Secondary Studio, which was an honor for owner and director Bianca Caryl.

“We are very proud of all of our kids,” Caryl said. “We won top primary studio last year so it was exciting to win both this year.”

The studio took 38 performers and performed more than 50 times over the course of the three-day competition. They competed in group performances, solos, duos trios and small groups.

The Kids Artistic Revue National Competition takes place at the MGM Grand Hotel from July 3-8.

“Everybody is so excited for nationals,” Caryl said. “They are excited to perform and compete. We are all close friends here so it is like a vacation for them and their families, too.”

For the kids, performing with their friends is the highlight. They agree that taking home a few awards doesn’t hurt either.

“When we are all on stage and we win and people throw stuffed animals, it’s amazing,” Lindsay Mosher, 11, said. “I just like meeting new people and it’s fun because we can have a few laughs during rehearsal.”

Some of the dancers performed in as many as 20 routines during the competition in June. They have been practicing for up to eight hours per day, four days a week in preparation for the national competition.

“We all had such a good time last year at nationals,” said Ashley Bultman, 10, who has been with the group for six years. “You just love being on stage with each other.”

The national competition marks the end of the group’s season. Caryl said she will have a week off before summer classes start at her Ahwatukee Foothills studio, 4825 E. Warner Road. Shortly after that begins the company auditions for the next season.

“Our kids are growing and we still have a group that continues to learn and get better,” Caryl said.

If you visit their studio, you will see they have the trophies to show for it.

To find out more about Center Pointe Dance, visit or call (480) 598-8428.

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