Hyperbaric oxygen treatment

Dr. Matthew Cavaiola is now offering hyperbaric oxygen treatment at the Phoenix Anti-Aging Clinic in Ahwatukee Foothills.

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Since his practice opened in November, Dr. Matthew Cavaiola has been looking to expand and bring additional naturopathic services to the people of Ahwatukee Foothills.

The Phoenix Anti-Aging Clinic, 11011 S. 48th St., has implemented additional services and will be moving to a larger space in September.

Cavaiola recently began offering a mild hyperbaric oxygen treatment to his patients. Being inside a chamber can be a healing method for a variety of diseases and disorders, including autism, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease and diabetic wounds.

"Our bodies normally absorb 24 percent of oxygen we breathe in," he said. "You can absorb up to 50 percent of oxygen in a hyperbaric chamber."

Cavaiola described it as a large sleeping bag that a person enters into and the air is pressurized around you. This forces more oxygen into the blood stream, which can help tissue from dying.

"Over the course of a lifetime, what happens is oxygen is not being sufficiently supplied to the brain and tissues," he said. "This is a great healing modality; it can help a variety of diseases. And we all live stressful lives. We don't actually stop and breathe, so in that way it is symbolic."

Cavaiola said it can go a long way toward fighting a disorder like autism because it works in supplying additional oxygen to the brain and the energy-producing part of the cells, the mitochondria.

"There is a lot of mitochondria in brain tissue and the brain is one of the highest concentrators of oxygen," he said. "With this, oxygen goes directly into the brain, which allows these kids to be able to improve. And studies show vast improvements in kids with autism."

The Phoenix Anti-Aging Clinic will be moving downstairs to a bigger office and will also be picking up a physical therapist to join Cavaiola, who currently shares an office with a chiropractor.

He also offers prolotherapy, which is an injection that can be used to ease chronic pain, and intravenous vitamin and mineral treatments.

"As you age, as you live life, you use (vitamins and minerals) up constantly," Cavaiola said. "You need to replenish them somehow and anything injected or IVed is 10 times better."

Treatments for hyperbaric oxygen treatment begin at $100 for a session that lasts about an hour, depending on the patient. To find out more, visit www.phoenixantiagingclinic.com or call (602) 432-2900.

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