Parent Teacher Organizations (PTOs) around each Kyrene school are hosting their final general meetings of the year to discuss end-of-year school gifts and board elections for the 2014-15 school term.

PTO members from Kyrene de los Lagos Elementary School hosted its general meeting on Tuesday and discussed how much money the PTO has generated throughout the year, which was nearly $20,000 through hosting various fundraisers.

From the money that was raised, PTO members voted on eight different end-of-year school gifts.

PTO members have approximately $5,000 for the gifts, said Deanna Montalbano, PTO president.

The eight gifts consisted of adding amenities to the teacher’s lounge, an electronic-bookbinding machine, improvements to the front of the school, a mascot costume, and a new sound system for events.

The gifts that receive the most votes will be the first priority PTO members will take care of during summer break, and they will continue completing others until they run out of funds.

“These were eight different ideas that were given by teachers, parent and administration,” Montalbano said. “We asked everyone to vote on these eight different things so we can get an idea as a board to make a decision on where people want to spend the money.”

PTO members will also be giving each teacher at Lagos funds that will go toward setting up their classroom for the upcoming school term.

Each teacher will be rewarded $125.

Kyrene de la Esperanza Elementary School PTO members will be hosting their general meeting on Wednesday, April 30 at 6:30 p.m. to discuss the budget for next year, end-of-year school gifts, and nominations for the executive board.

Nominations for the executive board positions range from co-presidents to treasurer and co-secretary to public relations.

“We always do about $5,000 in supplies for the school and that’s usually an annual gift for the school,” said. Heather Powers, PTO president at Esperanza.

Powers said they’re currently working on the 10 events the school would host before the end of the school year.

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