In one classroom, children learned a traditional Greek dance. In the next they learned a little English history.

It was a day of cultural experience for the kids at Family of Christ Learning Center in Ahwatukee Foothills.

Classrooms were decorated with country flags and pictures of seven different countries in all, from Russian to Argentina to Israel.

In each room, the teacher spoke for a few minutes about traditions there or food or national pastimes.

Teacher Funke Omole, who was teaching the kids about Argentina said it gives them a taste of what is like to live in these countries.

"The kids get a feel for what they taste and what they feel," she said. "They really enjoy it."

An important aspect, said Director Sue Nelson, is making kids aware that life is not the same in other parts of the world.

"They think that kids in other countries have what they have," Nelson said. "They're shocked when they find out about how impoverished some of the other countries can be."

The Kids Around the World day at FCLC was just one part in Nelson's goal to expose them to outside cultures.

"Kids need to know how there is more out there," she said. "For example every week at chapel we focus on a country and show videos about it."

In August, the FCLC also adopted a school from the Philippines. Nelson said in the future her students will make pen pals with these students.

"We love diversity here," Nelson said. "And I think things like this really pique the kid's interest."


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