Rhonda J. Morrison, right, Ahwatukee Community Chorus Music Director and Kim Bass-Herring Ahwatukee Community Chorus Administrator.

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Being fairly new to Ahwatukee, the Ahwatukee Community Chorus is trying to spread joy throughout the community through music and wholesome entertainment.

The kick-off rehearsal for the Ahwatukee Community Chorus was on Jan. 13, where both creators Rhonda Morrison and Kim Herring have been trying to get the group off the ground floor for the past year.

Morrison said the rehearsal was to show people what the program consisted of by passing out music to attendees, showing what will be played and to get the word out about the group.

They also meet bi-weekly on the second and fourth Sunday of each month from 6 to 8 p.m. at Horizon Presbyterian Church in Ahwatukee, 1401 E. Liberty Lane.

An individual member pays a $35 monthly payment with no additional amount being added.

The music selection being played by the group is from a variety of genres, ranging from pop, jazz, Broadway, Christian, etc.

“We are focused on playing anything that is a community organized event for a group of people who are up for this type of music, and also for private events that are put together for a particular cause,” Herring said. “Playing at events like the Festival of Lights and Transportation Day will help us build up membership and build up awareness to let people know we are available to those kinds of benefits.”

The Ahwatukee Community Chorus has two objectives: to enjoy music, while making it enjoyable for others, and at each event to raise funds or collect donations for a cause that would benefit the community of Ahwatukee.

“One of the great things about the rehearsals is it’s a mini music lesson, so someone who doesn’t know how to read music will eventually learn the basics and a person that has a master’s degree in music will be able to learn something new,” Herring said.

Morrison added that the motto for the chorus is to make the group for the people of Ahwatukee, in Ahwatukee, and by the people of Ahwatukee, but that the memberships are open for people across the Valley who want to join.

She also owns and operates her own music studio, called Color Your World with Music, and obtained her master’s in music from the University of Tulsa.

Color Your World with Music is also defined by Morrison in searching for that mosaic of sound that paints the emotions through music.

“The Ahwatukee Community Chorus is not exclusive, rather inclusive, which means the auditions are for placement purposes, not for whether you make the cut and become a member,” Morrison said. “It’s truly for the joy of musicality in the community.”

The two creators said that in the spring time, when the Valley gets back to its normal weather, they want to host an open house at Horizon Presbyterian Church with performance pieces so people can come out and bring their donations for beneficial cause.

“There’s often a need for community musicianship that doesn’t necessarily require a person to be involved in a church setting,” Morrison said. “Our doors are wide open.”

Daniel Ochoa is a senior at The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. He is interning this semester for the AFN.

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