Mother-daughter team Stephanie and Carley Barton spent the Saturday before Mother’s Day together at the salon, but the duo wasn’t there just to be pampered. They’ve both been growing their hair out for years to be donated to Locks of Love.

Both of the Bartons donated their hair to the national nonprofit that makes wigs for those who have lost their hair due to a medical condition, for the second time. Carley gave her first donation of 11 inches of hair four years ago when she was only 3.

“I used to work full time and we lived in Texas and my husband would have to get her ready in the morning,” Stephanie said of her daughter. “He would have to brush her hair and get it into a pony tail and get it all ready. He was so done with it because if it was knotted she would cry. We measured and she had enough so we decided to donate. I just thought it’s kind of silly to have all this hair and just cut it. I’d rather have it go to a good cause.”

Stephanie had donated her own hair to the nonprofit for the first time just before Carley donated hers. This time their hair began to be the right length around the same time and so for their Mother’s Day celebration the two decided to donate their hair together.

“For the past couple months we’ve been taking a tape measurer and measuring our hair to make sure we have enough,” Stephanie said. “We’ve been marking our calendar.”

Stephanie’s mother came in to town to take photos as mother and daughter both had their hair gathered into pony tails and cut. The pony tails, each 11 inches in length, will be mailed to Locks of Love in Florida.

Carley said she was excited to cut her hair not just to spend time with her mom and not have to worry about so many tangles anymore, but to help those who will benefit from the donation.

“It’s to help the people who have cancer have a better life with hair,” she said. “I actually asked some of my friends if we could do it all together.”

Stephanie said she imagines they’ll donate again in the future and maybe even compete to see who can grow their hair out the fastest.

Locks of Love accepts any donations of hair in a braid or pony tail. For donations to be made into a wig the hair must be 10 inches long. Donations that are between 6 and 10 inches are sold to help with manufacturing costs. For more information on Locks of Love, visit

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