More than 300 Kyrene School District teachers were surveyed this year on their opinions of the newly-adopted teacher evaluation system, most agreeing the system’s feedback helped refine their practice.

The Marzano Teacher Evaluation System was brought on by the district last fall, about a year ahead of what was required by a state law which mandates all districts to implement new systems by the 2013-14 school year.

Teacher Evaluation Design Team member and district employee Stephanie Leake said this week that her committee released a survey to teachers on what they thought about the new system.

About 344 teachers responded to the survey administered after spring break, showing teachers most liked the system’s pre-conference form, evaluator feedback and evidence checklist.

Sixty-seven percent of teachers surveyed agreed that the feedback helped refine their practices.

“One priority of the committee is to allow teachers to voice their opinions,” Leake said.

The survey’s goal was to measure teachers’ perceived impact for the evaluation’s framework, their perception of the new system in general, how it supports professional development, and what additional topics they would like to address for professional development.

About 62 percent of teachers surveyed said they wanted development in “how to prepare for next year.”

The technology-based Marzano system gives teachers higher standards to achieve, taking more time to go through since it’s an ongoing process.

The design team will continue to form surveys for teachers about the system, ensuring all questions and concerns are addressed as the district rolls into its second year of using the system this fall.

“They put in so many hours to really coordinate the rolling out of this system,” said district superintendent Dr. David Schauer. “Every time a question comes up, it goes back to the group to determine how we should move forward.”

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