Everywhere we hear or read about skin care and skin health.

We are always informed of the main factors that damage our skins well being, however, we often do not know what exactly is being done to our skin by these elements we expose ourselves to all too often.

Smoking sends elevated carbon monoxide levels through out the blood stream, increasing free radical damage. Smoking also constricts blood vessels, which inhibits oxygen in the tissues, thus, not feeding the skin the nutrition it needs. Smoking also depletes the amount of Vitamin C in the body, which is a very strong antioxidant and is a natural healing agent in the immune system, as well as the skin.

The excessive use of alcohol causes the dilation of capillaries and can cause weakening of the walls, resulting in permanent redness and flushing. The point in which the capillary walls are damaged there is usually permanent destruction.

Sun, of course, is one of the most prevalent routes in harming our skin because we do not have a choice but to be exposed to it on a daily basis. Excess sun exposure leads to hyper pigmentation, which is also known as those pesky brown spots that are very difficult to get rid of. Sun damage can also do the exact opposite and penetrate deep within the layers of the skin and utilize all the melanocytes or cells, which produce ones pigment and cause light spotting in numerous and various places on the face and body.

While we may hear about all these unfavorable aspects it is important to understand the consequences so we can apply it to everyday potential risks.

Do research if you have questions or concerns. For common questions, I recommend the Web site http://www.skin-care-tips-online.com/index.html.


Ahwatukee Foothills resident Sasha Quan is a licensed aesthetician with more than five years of experience in the medical field. Contact her at (480) 862-2259 or Sadha143@gmail.com.

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