Pastor Ron Hawkins issued a challenge to the children at God’s Garden Preschool, part of Horizon Presbyterian Church in Ahwatukee where he works. He said if they were able to raise $1,000 in support of their preschool, he would do something he never thought he would do.

Hawkins promised them he would kiss a pig.

When the students reached their goal, Hawkins bit the bullet last Wednesday, March 7, and kissed the pig that one of his church members brought to the preschool.

“They were thrilled to see their pastor kiss a pig,” Hawkins said. “I wasn’t surprised at all that they would reach their goal. There were some church members who were happy to help them out. They wanted it to happen.”

The children had been bringing in change and depositing it at the school for more than a month leading up to Transportation Day, an annual event and fundraiser the preschool puts on. The classrooms competed against each other and the one with the most change also got to watch their teacher kiss a pig on Transportation Day.

“It’s a way to raise money for the preschool,” Hawkins said. “It helps to keep the cost of the preschool down so that we can minister to families and not transfer all the cost to the parents that are involved.”

A portion of the money will go toward a project to improve the school’s playground.

As for the kiss, Hawkins said it wasn’t the most pleasant experience, but that he did it for a good reason.

“They told me I had to kiss it right on the snout,” he said. “I told the kids that I’m doing this, not because I love pigs, I like them but I don’t love them, but I love you kids and I want to see you succeed.”

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