Three easy dog training routines:

1. Dog training is more fun when you have an easy excuse to do it. From now on, every time you feed your dog have him sit. This is a great routine that will have your dog establish an automatic "sit" command within only a few days.

2. Every time you leave your home, have your dog "side sit" at the front door. Not only will this create calmness before leaving for the walk, but will condition your dog to not run out the door when it opens.

3. Dog training is best learned by your dog when done routinely each day. So, lastly, have your dog "side sit" at the street every time you cross.

Reasons why dog training is vital in the mental and physical growth of your dog:

1. Dog training will not only develop your dog mentally, but physically. Your dog will learn to solve problems and stay physically fit in the process.

2. Dog training will help create "harmony" and lower stress with both you and your dog. Routine dog training will be looked forward upon by all involved.

3. Dog training will develop a bond between you and your dog that will last a lifetime. When your dog knows that you are the leader, he will instinctively follow you with the natural desire to please and work.

Three most used dog training commands:

1. Sit. If all else fails, use the "sit" command to bring calmness and focus to your dog. This will give you a bit of time to decide what the next dog training command will be.

2. Leave it. Anytime you need your dog to "halt," use the "leave it" command. This will train your dog to always look to you for release to eat, chew or lick any items.

3. Stay. With a flat hand, command your dog to "stay." The stay dog training command will instill in your dog the ability to remain in one place until released.

Daily dog training must do's:

1. Be consistent with your dog training routines.

2. Be routine with walking your dog.

3. Make your dog work for any treats or fetch/chew toys.

4. Socialize your dog with other "calm-submissive" dogs.

5. Make dog training a daily "lifestyle" so it doesn't seem like a pain to do.

Mark Siebel is owner of DOGGIE STEPS Dog Training, LLC. He has trained more than 400 Valley dogs, speaks regularly at local schools about the importance of dog safety and ownership, and donates time to youths wanting to learn more about dogs. Siebel is a member of the Arizona Professional Pet Sitters Association and Australian Shepherd Club of Arizona. Contact him at (602) 318-0122 or


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