Throughout the week, Kyrene del Milenio Elementary School will be hosting its Take Your Parent to Art Day so parents can see what their child has been working on during the school year.

Parents visit the art classes during the final 15 minutes of class, where their child can show off their artwork consisting of paintings, drawings, collages, elements of arts and a bubble map that surrounded the principles of art.

Stephanie Yorio, art instructor, said Take Your Parent to Art Day was an easier way to show off her students work, rather than have a 700-piece art show.

“I wanted to invite parents into the room to have a time for kids to share their portfolio and be really proud of it. This is work that we have been working on all-year long,” she said. “Rather than to send it home at the end of the year, I’d rather have the kids be able to reflect on it and have it be a proud moment.”

She found that Take Your Parent to Art Day was a more intimate experience for both parents and children, and gave her a chance to speak with families in an informal setting.

Yorio has done Take Your Parent to Art Day in past years, but has been unable to keep it annual occurrence because of scheduling conflicts and testing.

“It’s been a really great thing the last couple of years, and I think it’s finally getting a routine so it’s good,” she said. “It has the same affect of having an art show, and being able to look at a finish product to reflect on what was accomplished.”

Thomas Trey visited his son’s morning art class and said he enjoyed seeing what his son does while he’s at school.

“I’m always happy to see my son and be supportive in what he does,” Trey said.

Parents also were able to visit the environment their children go to on a daily basis, Yorio said.

“It’s nice for them to have a way to bring their families into a space that they come weekly that their parent may not know much about,” Yorio said. “I think it puts more emphasis on that reflection piece instead of bring it home in their backpacks… it helps to punctuate what we do here and what we work on all-year long.”

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