Students at Horizon Community Learning Center in Ahwatukee rushed toward the school’s field as they celebrated annual Water Day Tuesday during their physical education classes.

Horizon’s Water Day is offered to kindergartners through fifth-graders and is incorporated in physical-aquatic activities.

Throughout Horizon’s field there were four different water stations students: two splash stations where students were able to go into a splash frenzy throwing sponges soaked in water, a waiter relay where students had to keep their water cup from spilling over, and another relay where students filled a 2-gallon jug and carried it on their head to the opposite end of the field.

Each grade level was able to enjoy Water Day for 45 minutes, and each water station was on a seven-minute interval.

Parent volunteers also joined in on the fun by spraying water at each student at the four water stations.

Kristin Lindsey, a parent volunteer, said Water Day was her favorite activity to participate in at Horizon.

“It’s a fun way to get all the parents out and be involved with other parents, which we don’t normally get to do,” Lindsey said. “It’s a really good time to throw aside all your work and get down to good-old fun.”

Many of the items used during Water Day, such as water soakers, cups and sponges, were donated by parent volunteers.

Physical education teacher Staci Smith said the school has been doing Water Day for the past 10 years, and that it’s a chance for children to enjoy themselves before the school year ends.

“We try and mix it up every year so it’s not the same activities,” Smith said. “They love to splash each other. The parents come out and purchase their own squirting utensils and have fun.”

Parent volunteer Ernie Henson joined in on the fun at Water Day when he sprayed students with water by using his new backpack sprayer.

Henson, who owns an extermination business, said he wanted to use his new backpack sprayer during Water Day to wet the students at Horizon, and has participated in Water Day for the past five years.

Third-grader Sierra Lieske said she enjoyed Water Day because it was a chance for everyone to get wet at school. She has participated in Water Day for the past two years, and said she looks forward to it every year.

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