Lionel and Prancer are two lonely dogs hoping to have new owners soon.

Jenny Bernot of Arizona Rescue said 5-year-old Lionel, a Dachshund mix “who loves to alternate between snuggling with his people and playing a good game of fetch,” is a “friendly guy.”

“He is super affectionate and loves nothing more than crawling into your lap where you can pamper him with kisses, petting, and ear and neck scratches before finally moving on to the all-important belly rubs,” Bernot said.

“This sweet guy enjoys being picked up and cuddled close as well,” she added. “He also enjoys hanging out with other dogs, happy to wait his turn for snuggles and treats. Lionel is always excited to go for his walks and does very well on a leash and riding in the car. Nothing compares to the joy that courses through his little body when he sees a tennis ball.”

“In fact, if you don’t pick the ball up fast enough, he will nudge it with his nose to give you a little bit of extra encouragement. He will play fetch until you no longer have the arm strength to pick up the ball and throw it even one more time.”


Shauna Michael of the Arizona Animal Welfare League, 25 N. 40th St., Phoenix, said Prancer, a 9-month-old American Staffordshire Terrier/Boxer mix, “adores snuggling with every person she meets and her tail never stops wagging.”

“This happy-go-lucky girl loves treats of any kind and is always up for a good game of fetch,” Michael said. “When she isn’t cuddling, Prancer enjoys playing with puzzle toys and learning new commands to keep her brain just as active as her body.”

Information: 602-273-6852 ext.116.

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