Albert Lee

Albert Lee, choir teacher at Akimel A-al Middle School, has been appointed the new Training Choir Director for the beginning level boys group at the Phoenix Boys Choir.


Albert Lee, choir teacher at Kyrene Akimel A-al Middle School, has always shown a passion and desire when it came to choir.

He began his choir journey when he was 9 years old singing for the Phoenix Boys Choir.

Fast-forward a few years later, Lee has returned to the Phoenix Boys Choir as the new training choir director for the beginning-level boys group.

Lee said he was pushed into music a lot while he sang for the Phoenix Boys Choir, and his former music teacher, Jennifer Kilgard, promoted him into the intermediate group at Phoenix Boys Choir.

“I was really excited because I wanted to sing, and thought it was a great opportunity to expand on it even more,” Lee said. “At that point on, I qualified to be a member of the choir, and that’s where I received all my classical training and the discipline for choir.”

Lee sang with the Phoenix Boys Choir for the next five years, and in 2002, he graduated from the choir.

He rejoined the choir as a master’s member and took singing lessons, which he said furthered his interest on what he wanted to pursue within choir.

“It inspired me to become a teacher, so I can help other kids enjoy and help them understand their passion for music and teach how important music is for them,” he said.

Lee, 26, will work with the beginning-level boys group throughout the reminder of the year to prepare them for three showcases: winter, spring and end-of-the-season.

He will also teach his students about choir from basic singing techniques to music theory and education.

In addition to teaching at the Phoenix Boys Choir, Lee has reinvented the choir department at Akimel where he formed two extracurricular choirs — the Akimel A-al Honor and Concert choirs.

He hopes to continue the success he has had at Akimel and build a successful foundation at the Phoenix Boys Choir.

“I hope to give back what the Phoenix Boys Choir has given to me, inspire more young boys to take part in music,” he said. “I’m excited to helped the incoming boys and see what type of music we can produce together. This will be my first time working with such a young group. I’m excited to see what types of results I can produce with such a young age group and to see their own development and growth as they begin their musicianship.”

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