Michelle Coro

Michelle Coro, communications teacher at Desert Vista High School is moderator of The Storm yearbook, which drew accolades from Jostens Look Book.

A group of Desert Vista High School journalists earned national recognition for their work on the 2018 yearbook that will be distributed to the student body next week.

The yearbook, called “The Storm,” is featured in the “Jostens Look Book,” a compilation of spreads and photos from outstanding yearbooks that honors their “creative themes, cool covers, dazzling designs, relevant coverage, storytelling copy and action-packed photography.”

The Look Book honors the important role well-crafted yearbooks play in helping schools chronicle the experiences, stories and achievements most relevant to students and that academic year.

“This year’s theme, “Hey DV!” is meant to grab the attention of students in a busy world filled with ideas, pursuits and distractions that take over everything,” said advisor Michelle Coro. “Through interjections, we show the excitement and emotions that pop up in our daily lives.”

The book was created by Maya Coro, editor in chief, and a long list of lead editors.

They include Angela Anderson, Zamaree Blevins, Eric Daniels, Rachel Fortunato, Kyleane Goggin,  Lorallean Hushbeck, Emilie Meehan, Madison Mellman, Antigone Mugia, Alexiss Rodriguez, Alissa Rodriguez, and Christian Seale, along with Nadine Abdelrahman, Maya Anderson, Chanel Burchette;

Also, Lucas Caccavale, Marvin Caparas, Hunter Datz, Madeline Gibson, Ember Guston, Michelle Kemperman, Natha Kpodo, Avery Leitgen, Lauren Meehl, Faith Ogrodowski, Isabella Roessler, Alaina Sanders, Brooke Schmidt, Sarah Shepard, Karolina Stant, Olivia Thorpe, Shauna Wamback, Pablo Wilson and Sydney Wolf.

“Yearbook staffs make magic happen,” said Michelle Coro. “With such an active and diverse campus as DV’s, there is always something to be done. The staff captures an entire year of activities, athletic events and academic endeavors in a time capsule of memories.

“We hope our campus community loves and appreciates the effort that goes into making a book like this.”

The Storm yearbook was one of only 413 yearbooks selected from approximately 2,000 entries by a panel of judges, composed of nationally recognized scholastic journalism professionals and award-winning yearbook advisers.

The Look Book “showcases the hard work and dedication of students who tell the story of the school year through photos and words. It is their collaboration and communication, as well as creative thinking in challenging situations, that results in the fine designs shown in this book,” said Sara Sausker, a Jostens spokeswoman.

This is the 23rd volume of the Desert Vista annual yearbook, which is produced by the school’s digital communications classes.

A total 1,925 copies of the 344-page book were printed.

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