Would you rather eat a piece of dark chocolate every day to reduce cholesterol and lower blood pressure instead of taking a pill with potentially serious side effects? How about local honey to help with allergies?

Then check out the Holistic Farmers Market, which takes place the second and fourth Fridays at the southwest corner of 48th Street and Elliott Road. To find out more, visit the Phoenix Holistic Health Center, 4747 E. Elliott Road, or visit www.PhoenixHolisticHealth.com.


Product: All natural pharmaceutical grade health and skin care.

Holistic benefit: All natural, no fillers. Results in three to five days.

Price: $20 to $60

Phone: (602) 980-6263

E-mail: Dan.isXperia@yahoo.com

Website: www.isxperia.com/Dan

Life Quest Chiropractic

Product: Corrective care and treatment plans.

Holistic benefit: Stress release from back pains.

Price: Free initial visit.

Phone: (480) 659-2000

Website: www.lifequestarizona.com

Uniquely Yours

Product: Hand crafted jewelry, bookmarks.

Price: $6 to $25

Phone: (480) 219-9619

E-mail: sjspykerman@gmail.com

Website: uniquelyyoursbysteph.etsy.com


Z Ultimate Self Defense

Product: Kempo

Holistic benefit: Staying healthy, weight loss, muscle toning and confidence.

Price: $30 for one month of classes, plus four private lessons.

Phone: (480) 831-7890

E-mail: tempe@zultimate.com

Website: www.zultimate.com

1st Gentle Dentistry

Product: Green dentist office

Holistic benefit: Digital X-ray, no mercury, green, paperless building.

Price: Offers its own insurance plan - $60 annually for 60 to 90 percent off.

Phone: (480) 924-7200

Website: www.1stgentle.com

Arbonne International

Product: Skin and nutritional care.

Holistic benefit: Botanically based, vegan, gluten-free, no harmful chemicals.

Price: $14 to $99

Phone: (602) 980-6236

E-mail: s.lopez@cox.net

Made By Bees

Product: Locally harvested, raw, unpasteurized honey and fruit butters.

Holistic benefit: Helps with allergies and is a good source of vitamins.

Price: $8 to $18

Phone: (928) 970-0472

E-mail: madebybees@gmail.com

Website: http://www.madebybees.com/

Wei of Chocolate

Product: Organic, dairy, soy and gluten-free dark chocolate.

Holistic benefit: Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, cuts risk of heart attack and stroke, reduces stress and improves brain function.

Price: $10 to $20

Phone: (602) 377-8950

E-mail: kate@weiofchocolate.com

Website: www.weiofchocolate.com

Dr. Hummus

Product: All natural hummus, pesto and spinach dip.

Holistic benefit: Made fresh with no preservatives, tahini free (no sesame oil).

Price: $5 for a half pound

Phone: (480) 988-9454

Raging Raw Organics

Product: Raw, flax seed crackers and cookies.

Holistic benefit: Wheat free, gluten free, organic.

Price: $8

Phone: (602) 703-5552

E-mail: info@ragingraw.com

Website: www.ragingraw.com

Lil' Sassy's Salsa

Product: 11 to 14 varieties of salsa made from Arizona ingredients.

Holistic benefit: Fresh ingredients, pesticide free, no preservatives, additives, chemicals and lower on salt.

Price: $7 or 3 for $20

Phone: (480) 821-4808

Website: www.lilsassysalsa.com


Product: Foot rubs

Holistic benefit: Uses all natural products, stress release.

Price: $20 for 20 minutes or $40 for 50 minutes.

Phone: (480) 251-8468

E-mail: footrubx@gmail.com

Website: www.footrubx.com

Red Mountain Cattle Co.

Product: Grass-fed beef

Holistic benefit: Omega-3 fatty acids.

Price: $6 to $28

Phone: (480) 830-6670

E-mail: info@tylerfarmsaz.com

Website: http://www.rmcc-llc.com


Product: Natural jewelry cleaning solution.

Holistic benefit: Coconut and banana oils are gentle on jewelry, as opposed to ammonia, which eats the top layer of gold.

Price: $10 to $15

Phone: (480) 380-8171

5 Star Dove Release

Product: Trained doves available for special occasions.

Holistic benefit: A visualization of mind, body and spirit.

Phone: (480) 495-9153

Website: www.5starwhitedove.com

Contact writer: (480) 898-7911 or ewhitmore@ahwatukee.com


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