Fit Kids in the Valley

Owner/trainer Anne Walker starts off a game of crab walk soccer during a "Fit Kids in the Valley" session at CrossFit SouthWest in Tempe on Saturday, Sept. 28, 2013.

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In today’s electronic generation, most kids show more concerns toward their electronics than getting some physical activity in their daily lives.

Anne Walker, creator of FitKids of the Valley, recognizes that fact and has designed classes promising to keep children fully engaged in various physical activates all around the Valley, including Ahwatukee.

Walker has always shared a passion for working with kids in different capacities, consisting of being involved with children programs while she was in high school, and being a preschool teacher for two years at the Child Development Lab at Arizona State.

Along with being involved with children, Walker shares a passion in fitness being a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, and made the decision to intertwine them both resulting in creating her own fitness classes for kids.

Walker said her decision to bring the classes to the Ahwatukee area came about when she received her Crossfit Level 1 certification where she met Gail Lasserre, trainer at Ahwatukee Crossfit, and spoke about the idea of having fitness classes at their location.

She then approached Rebecca Parent, owner of Ahwatukee Crossfit, 3145 E. Chandler Blvd., and Parent was in full support of the idea of children’s fitness classes.

“In talking to her I knew it would be a good place to market what I’m doing,” Walker said.

Each class will be structured the same, where participants will go through a series of workouts to know exactly what to expect from each class.

Walker teaches two different class levels: a 30-minute preschool class, where the ages range from 4 to 5; and a 45-minute elementary class for children between 5 and 11 years old.

The classes are broken up into five different intervals, where participators begin with a 10-minute warm-up, a focus skill workout, a workout of the day, and an organized game.

Each workout intervals will be different than the previous one, making sure kids are being kept entertained and not bogged down by repetitive activities.

Walker said workouts won’t be too demanding on the children’s physic, but they will be feeling the burn with each class session.

One of Walker’s main goals with these fitness classes is to try and hide the fitness within the fun.

She enjoys the fact that within these fitness classes it can be scaled to any level, having both athletic and non-athletic kids sharpen their skill sets.

Walker said she wants a variety of kids to participate in the classes, especially the type who are not “star athletes.”

“My ultimate goal is that these classes will teach kids being active is fun, and that they’ll carry that notion with them as they grow. It’s different from sports in that it doesn’t pit you against an adversary — the only goal is to do your personal best,” Walker said.

For more information about FitKids of the Valley and pricing for classes, visit

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