Chandler Boulevard parking lot

The new parking lot for hikers at Chandler Boulevard and 19th Avenue. [Chris Gabel/AFN]

Chris Gabel/AFN

As many as 60 cars line the sides of Chandler Boulevard near 19th Avenue and the adjacent residential streets on many weekend mornings.

That number will be 30 fewer going forward.

Phoenix Councilman Sal DiCicco and the city’s parks department on Wednesday morning opened a 30-spot temporary lot to accommodate the parking needs near one of Ahwatukee Foothills’ most popular trailheads.

The dirt lot on part of the preserve just west of 19th Avenue was a welcome addition to the dozen or so Foothills Club West residents who attended the opening ceremony. It was the Foothills Club West Homeowners Association that pushed for the lot to help alleviate safety concerns on residential streets in the area.

“The parking problems created a safety hazard and a quality-of-life issue,” DiCicco told the small crowd. “A lot of work went into this and it came out well.”

The city’s parks department funded the $55,000 project, which soon will feature an access path from the lot to the Pyramid and Bursera Trails in South Mountain Park.

“We’re happy we were able to get the city and the parks department to do something to help the people around here,” said Mike Hinz, Club West HOA secretary.

The parking lot sits on land earmarked for a future library and fire station, though DiCicco said those projects likely are decades off as they’ve already been on the books since the 1980s.

The lot is open from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m., though the trail is open until 11 p.m.

An additional 19 parking spots recently were carved out along both sides of Chandler Boulevard before it dead ends at the 143-acre preserve. The city issues tickets to cars parked beyond the spaces on Chandler Boulevard.

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