It was a time for the kids to be proud of their creativity.

Students from across the Kyrene School District brought their families and gathered at the district office on Wednesday as part of the Kyrene District Art Show. Dozens of elementary and middle school students posed with their art on display and answered questions, revealing the meaning behind some of their pieces.

Teachers like Cassidy Parker, art teacher at Kyrene de la Estrella and Kyrene Monte Vista elementary schools, selected several students in different artistic categories and put their work up on big display boards to be seen in the Kyrene Governing Board room and the lobby.

“I selected the students that best stuck to criteria I had explained to them depending on the media,” she said. “They get really excited when they learn about specific artists and recognize that artist’s work. And when they try to recreate it themselves.”

Parker has a son in third grade who is an example of how kids can adapt and become passionate about art.

“He is a really creative kid and does not like a whole lot of guidance from me. He likes to work on projects by himself at home,” she said. “As he has gotten older, starting in kindergarten, he has begun to work individually on his own. I think he’s going to surpass me soon.”

From kindergarten students to eighth-graders, the artists each had a subject and medium they were passionate about.

“I kind of like drawing the best because you can use different colors and sometimes with paint you can’t really do as much,” said Peyton Martin, a first-grade student at Kyrene de la Estrella Elementary School. “I like art because it is fun to draw and paint, and sometimes helps me express my feelings.”

The Kyrene Music and Fine Arts Association (KMFA) sold pizza, drinks, Yoasis frozen yogurt, and raffle tickets as a fundraiser for fine arts education. The KMFA is a nonprofit organization the does several things for art advocacy. The group, comprised of teachers and community members, funds scholarships to students with financial need to attend their school music trip, provide funding for additional supplies for classrooms by awarding mini grants to fine arts teachers, and they fund local art events.

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