The fall semester is long gone, and Kyrene Kids Club is offering K-5 students the opportunity to stay active during the break with their Winter Break Camp.

The Winter Break Camp, which takes place at Kyrene de la Esperanza Elementary School, has been part of the Kyrene School District for many years giving their happy campers a plethora of fun-filled activities.

The 73 participants this year are able to indulge themselves in different activates consisting from indoor activities to outdoor play.

Beth Tenkely, program coordinator, feels Winter Break Camp is a perfect way for students to revisit with their friends from other schools, and for parents to know their child has a safe place to go during the school break.

“Safety is the biggest thing, so we want to keep the kids safe,” she said.

For indoor activities, students are taken inside the school’s multipurpose room where different workstations surround the room with arts and crafts, board game tables and a reading area.

To make the Winter Break Camp stand out from previous ones, the staff has different themes each day for the students.

“They have an option to do what they want here. It’s all kid’s choice,” Tenkely said. “They are re-meeting friends they have met during the summer … they reconnect with friends that they have only met during camps. They get to meet new friends and meet up with their old friends they have had over the years.”

Bianca Diaz, club leader, said the campers will also be learning how to make their own ice cream and will be taking a field trip to Bounce U.

The majority of the students seem to enjoy the outside activities where they play along the school’s jungle gym and shoot a few hoops on the basketball courts.

The camp runs until Jan. 3 and is offered from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., but parents are free to drop their child off at whatever time is convenient for them.

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