The way the kids at the Village Preschool are absorbed you might think they were watching the latest Disney movie or playing a video game.

The second part is somewhat true. They are playing a type of game but, as parents will be pleased to hear, it is a game that promotes learning.

Kids as young as three years old are enrolled in Ken Chan's computer class at the Village Preschool, one of many places across Phoenix to offer his service.

Chan's program, called Imagine Tomorrow, uses interactive software to teach children skills in addition to learning how to use a computer.

"It's a hands-on learning process that the kids cannot get enough of," he said. "It looks like a game, and plays like a game, but built in are activities that build their spelling, listening and focus."

A class can have up to ten students, each with their own laptop and mouse, but Chan said prefers seven at most because it provides the best circumstance to learn.

"I can bounce around and give every child a lot of attention," Chan said.

At the Village Preschool, Chan's computer class is only for those who sign up and pay extra, about $40 per month. The half hour class is tacked on to the end of the preschool day which can help out parents who need a little extra time before picking their child up.

But the biggest rewards are gained by the students.

"I'm teaching them something that they will build off of the rest of their lives," Chan said. "And they have a lot of fun with it."

Imagine Tomorrow uses a unique computer program which is available only to those who sign up for the class. It is a 40-week program that continues to build the child's skills with new activities every week.

Chan said that there are other companies out there teaching computer classes to kids, but their operation is not as comprehensive as Imagine Tomorrow.

"They will have three or more kids to each computer," he said. "With (Imagine Tomorrow) you know your child is going to have a laptop to him or herself."

Chan said that feedback from parents has been all positive.

"Parents send me e-mails about how excited and grateful they are that their young child is able to use a computer," he said. "It's fun for them, but it's also great for me to see them learn and build their confidence."

To find out more, visit, or call Ken Chan, 480-331-3068.

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