On their last day before spring break last Friday, 120 students from Kyrene de los Lagos Elementary explored through the grocery isles at Safeway, learning about weights, measures and pricing inaccuracies.

Part of the Weights and Measures Week, hosted by the Arizona Department of Weights and Measures, Lagos students got a chance to apply their classroom curriculum in an everyday setting.

“Kids can take what they’re learning and apply it to their everyday life, and it’s just kind of fun,” teacher Joann Atkinson said.

Invited by the state department, the students were broken up into two groups, each visiting one of four stations at Safeway on Chandler Boulevard in Ahwatukee on Friday.

Commemorating the week when President John Adams signed one of the first United States weights and measures laws, schools around the Valley are chosen by the department for similar in-store events.

Shawn Marquez, from the Department of Weights and Measures, said as inspectors it is important to make sure that items are being sold for the right price, weight and amount.

“They are actually using the register,” Marquez said. “They love it, and it gets them out of the classroom.”

Just finishing a two-week curriculum about weights and measures, the students learned about how the numbers apply to products in a grocery store, how to shop smarter, and how to read product information for weight and price comparison.

At the register, students got to learn how the scale works and how to recognize when something scans for the wrong price.

Though some students in past years have taken trips to grocery stores to accompany their classroom lessons about the same subject, Atkinson said this is the first time they got to participate with the department.

“The kids learned a lot, I even learned a lot,” said Atkinson. “It’s our life, it’s what’s happening in our lives today and it’s hands-on.”

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