Greg Broberg's fourth grade class at Kyrene de Milenio on Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2012.

Just weeks after the 10th-day benchmark in the school year, numbers show a mixed bag of enrollment results for Ahwatukee Foothills schools.

Kyrene School District Superintendent David Schauer said Kyrene is seeing “stable” numbers with a slight increase. Last year’s 10th day showed a total of 17,946 students while this year’s 10th day in Kyrene perked up to 18,002.

During last week’s governing board meeting, where the district also amended its open-enrollment policy to accept siblings and children of district employees, Schauer mentioned K-8 class sizes are still within average.

Along with the slight increase in students, Kyrene made an increase in teachers. The district presented the total of new teachers at 105 this year from 73 last year.

District spokesperson Nancy Dudenhoefer said with Kyrene being one of the “top in districts in the state,” their goal is always to have steady, increasing numbers.

Desert Vista High School also has seen a small increase this year with 3,044 students from last year’s near 3,000 at the start of the semester.

The 10th day serves as a guideline in the state to get an idea of how schools are doing in enrollment, while 100 days into the school year determines how much money the district receives from the state.

Horizon Community Learning Center’s enrollment, however, has stayed relatively the same with 1,487 K-12 students.

“Enrollment is always around 1,500,” said Melissa Hartley, director of community relations. “We are basically the same as last year and have been for several years,” she said in an email.

Tempe Union High School District as a whole has seen a dip in students recently, including Mountain Pointe High School.

Linda Littell, executive director of community relations at the Tempe district, said Mountain Pointe wavered around 2,700 students last year and has dropped down by 100 students this year.

Though the district recorded 14,308 at last year’s 10th day, the 40th day of the school year reflected “a more accurate number of students” after transfers and dropouts at 14,133, Littell said.

As of last month, Littell said there was a recorded 14,117 students this year in the district.

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