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Rebel without a clue responds

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Posted: Monday, August 24, 2009 11:00 pm

Jon Beydler, former mayor of Fountain Hills, writes to the Ahwatukee Foothills News, insulting those of us who are opposed to spending this country into bankruptcy or causing inflation to rise beyond our wildest dreams (“Astroturf: Rebels without a clue,” Aug. 19).

I find it interesting that he quotes Spiro Agnew to insult the “loud-mouthed trailer trash crowd that brought us Sheriff Blow and pink underwear.” Does he have a history of problems with the sheriff?

It seems to me that to insult the demonstrators for “marching to the drum of the RNC” and then to proceed to recite an almost complete list of Democratic National Committee talking points in support of National Health Care is rather hypocritical. Those who have taken the time to read the bill (have you read the bill, Jon?) admit they can’t understand most of it and the parts that are clear are not being received favorably by a majority of the public

However, what is clear is:

• That many congressmen have not read and admit they do not understand the bill. They will, however, agree not to enroll themselves in this new program. They exempted themselves. Does this seem fair?

• The deficit this year is almost two trillion dollars. Our government this year is spending almost two trillion dollars more than they have as income. What is their credit score?

• To insure an additional 50 million people at government (our tax dollars) expense will cost in excess of a trillion tax dollars.

• The economy right now is a disaster and will probably not recover for a few years.

• Those of us who pay taxes believe taxes are high enough. Those who receive “representation without taxation” believe taxes should be higher.

• The citizens of this country are not, subjects of the U.S. government; we are free people who elect a government to serve us. Have we been doing our job? Have they?

Can’t we put all the political party talking points aside and listen and respect the fear and distrust passionately expressed by the citizens of this great country, who take the time to volunteer to attend these town hall meetings? The 2010 election is the time to put this passion to work.

Can’t we agree that health care insurance has problems? But if the refrigerator is broken you repair it. You don’t have to remodel the entire kitchen (especially if you are broke, in debt and supporting 10 percent of your relatives who don’t have jobs). I believe there are solutions to most problems once you take the time to identify and understand them.

Can’t we agree that if 10 percent of the people living in the greatest country in the world can’t find work, Congress should be focusing on fixing that problem, as the No. 1 priority? Can’t “wants” wait until the “needs” are taken care of? Government hiring is not an acceptable answer.

Can’t we agree that if we are facing an energy shortage we should invest our tax dollars in drilling off-shore in this country instead of in Brazil? Alaska and California have lots of “Black Gold” also. Lot’s of new jobs could be created, taxes would go toward paying down debt and balancing state budgets and we could all benefit from lower gas and oil prices.

Can’t we agree that we have many problems in this country and the president told us in his campaign speeches that he had ways to fix them all? The problems are big, let’s discuss them further, slow down and see what the voting citizens of this country want. The next chance to express themselves is 2010. If the problems have been with us for so long can’t we wait a little longer?

I believe that if our elected officials force through a bill that will have such a potential impact on all of our lives before we all understand the consequences it could lead to such a polarization of the people in this country that the ‘60s will seem like a walk in the park. This time the activists appear to have shorter and less hair and take more showers. Slow down Congress. Slow down White House. Everyone take a deep breath, but let your elected officials know how you feel and how you will vote next year. Maybe they should listen real hard.


Barry Smith, a 16-year resident of Ahwatukee Foothills, works as an independent consultant to the credit and debit card industry. He has been involved in many community issues since moving here and serves on several nonprofit boards. He can be reached at

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