It’s heartening to see the Republican Party in the makeover seat. The old girl is in bad shape and so are a bunch of her incumbents who’ve gone off to sleep in their rockers. Ditto for the Dems.

The recent Massachusetts’ upset rang some bells, a welcome event for so many. And now, suddenly, there is a surge of politicians who pretend to care what the people want. The scandalous truth is, neither side of the aisle is wholly trustworthy and clearly there are some who can be bought.

So, this is the good news: The persuasion of the Tea Party movement is evident. Scott Brown’s win against the Massachusetts’ Democratic machine is only one of a number of victories they’ve influenced. Their passion is amazingly comforting as America flails under an administration quickly losing its political magic amid failed policies.

The Tea Party culture is notable here in the East Valley, a great family community, where churches and conservative values thrive. With the power of the ripple effect, we have much to offer the national scene. Arizona politicians best pay attention.

Earlier this month, the Maricopa County Republicans met in its annual mandatory meeting and from all signs, the Tea Partiers were vindicated there, too.

An internal straw poll showed Sen. John McCain and Gov. Jan Brewer are failing big in their own party. Hum. Must not be listening to their constituents.

East Valley Tea Party groups are reviewing candidates for all offices. They’re looking for fiscal conservatives who promote free market principles as well as the Constitution. Ahwatukee Foothills area citizens can connect with their neighbors who seek the same. Learn more at

Kathy Boatman, vice chairwoman of communications, tells me the numbers of interested citizens continues to grow: “The movement has given hope to those who are distraught about their country.”

Well, you’ve heard it, too. “Progressives” call the Tea Parties a “fad.” They say the grassroots organizations are made up of ignorant citizens. Take note of the malicious slander, dumped into the public domain, which Joe the Plumber and Sarah Palin know all about. Author Mark Levin rightly says, “Progressives” are “masterful at controlling the public vocabulary.”

The rational truth is, sticks and stones don’t offer a rational discussion. They’re elitist slurs from ancient past, in which looking down noses, upon the “unwashed,” was inbred among royalty and the so-called upper class in order to dominate. Thus, the ground work of hate and bigotry was laid for the current day. 

Progressives, who are determined to rewrite history, best not forget this country was founded by regular folks who sought the dignity and freedom of representative government; who claimed the right, with their lives, to be independent from British dominion; any kind of domination.

And now, hard-working, conservative Americans are awakened. They make up a wide selection of community servants; financially successful and well educated. They are people who fully understand why we’re the greatest nation – ever. Don’t take them lightly. Don’t mock and poke fun. An elitist is one thing, an elitist fool, another.


Linda Turley-Hansen is a syndicated columnist, a former Phoenix television anchor and an East Valley resident. Her columns appear monthly. She can be contacted at

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