Unbelievable ... just unbelievable

Dear Editor:

Usually when I get the chance to skim through the Ahwatukee Foothills News I look at the letters to the editor. Lately, most are about bike lanes and bikes vs. cars. Well, this morning on my way to drop off my son at Altadeña Middle School, I was surprised and shocked to see a person in the bike lane with one of those kiddie-towing contraptions attached to the back.

As I approached the Cabrillio Canyon area, I was already yelling at the top of my lungs how dumb and crazy this person is to even think about towing a child, toddler or baby in one of those things in the bike lane! All I was yelling inside my car was “Are you kidding me?“ over and over again. My son looked up to ask me “What?”

As I slowed down to 30 mph, all I thought was is this lady/mother for real? Would she be risking her child’s safety by riding in the bike lane with that thing, when it took up the entire bike lane? God forbid anyone was not able to swerve out a little bit while passing her. I wanted to stop and say something, but had to get my son to school. I looked for her on the way back and she and the child were not around. In my opinion, “unbelievable” ... just unbelievable.

Kim Epstein



Don’t mix guns and alcohol

Dear Editor:

As most of us are aware, on Oct. 1 the Arizona law that allows concealed weapons to be brought into establishments that serve alcohol went into effect. Any bar or restaurant that serves alcohol can opt out of the law by simply posting the approved “No Fire Arms Allowed” sign in their window.

Guns and alcohol don’t mix! It is insanity to think that they do.

Any establishment that does not opt out is jeopardizing the safety of its patrons. My family will not be frequenting any establishment that does not opt out. I urge all other sane people to check and make sure that the opting out sign is posted before entering an alcohol-serving establishment.

It should also be noted that every Republican in the Arizona Legislature, including Ahwatukee’s John Huppenthal and John McComish, voted for this bill while every Democrat, including our own Rae Waters, voted against it. I urge every voter in Ahwatukee to take this into account the next time they cast their vote for state senator or state representative.

Fred Barlam

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