Apparently this is causing quite a stir.

President Obama dismayed America’s allies in Europe and angered his political opponents at home today when he formally ditched plans to set up a missile defense shield in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Golly, Eastern Europe is going to have to provide its own defense? You mean that they aren’t going to be able to rely on United States bases, fighters, ground troops and missile defense? No “Star Wars” for the East?

So are you telling me that Eastern Europe won’t be able to divert its defense savings into social programs and build a welfare state while its intelligentsia, media, leftist politicians and increasingly radicalized students disparage the United States’ foreign policy, capitalist economy and support of free trade? You know, like France and Germany did after we fought the cold war for them? Wow, finally an Obama program that I agree with. Now maybe the Czechs and Polls won’t end up like the French.

Sure, the Europeans ridiculed Bush’s “swagger” and his cowboy attitude in favor of the Arugula eating metrosexual lawyer president, but which one would you rather have watching your back in a bar fight? Maybe Europe will learn what Israel has already figured out – the United Nations isn’t going to save you.

Our mostly ungrateful allies are beginning to realize that a lot of the stability that the world has seen since 9/11 was based on the understanding that the cowboy president might just open himself up a can of Unilateral Regime Change.

So let them defend themselves. Let them buy their own planes, draft their own sons and secure their own borders. Because the only thing defending Europe got us was a stern lecture and a good deal of mocking.

Europe got the president it wanted, let’s see if their respective countries survive intact until the next election.


Greg Patterson is a former lawmaker and recent law school graduate. He also writes the popular blog Espresso Pundit ( He and his wife, Debbie, have been married for 21 years and they have three children.

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