I haven’t commented here in some time, fearing my views could bring an assault by the thought police and land me in a “re-education camp.” But then I remembered that Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” So I will rant...

• It seems, in this Obama administration, that free speech only exists for those who don’t dissent. All the rest of us are thugs, members-of-a-mob, or little NAZIs; or is it that we are dressed too well? Obama’s recent appointment to the FCC will copy China’s “free speech” methods ... in spades.

• Tax the rich? Most of the “rich” today are self-made men (and women) who had a wild idea, took the risk, often hocking their own homes, to create a business and hire employees (note, in the last week, the definition of “rich” according to President Barack Obama has dropped to $235,000 annual income). So taxing the “rich” is going to destroy small businesses and result in even more layoffs. That’s an incredibly bad idea. China and India are running at a break-neck pace toward a capitalist society, Obama is driving us toward becoming a third-rate nation. Are you happy yet?

• What is with all this Sarah Palin hate? I suspect it’s mainly men who just can’t cope with an intelligent woman, particularly a “perky” one.

But the women spewing such venom, is it jealousy?

• “Evidence-based sex education,” anyone have a clue what that means? Maybe there’s a good side ... will HIV be our next “Darwin’s natural selection?”

• No damned parkway. Why do ADOT and MAG keep feeding us phony baloney, when the reality is that what they really want is a bypass for semi-trucks? The best location for a bypass already exists. It’s only 12 miles longer to travel via Interstate 8 and State Route 85 to get from Interstate 10 on the east of Phoenix to I-10 west of Phoenix, and you miss all the congestion. Easy to enforce, given our trend toward a surveillance-based society. Years ago I complained about the City Council blocking of a 48th Street route into the Gila River Indian Community. Just as I predicted, the connection will now be at 40th Street. Nice, huh? Heavy traffic through a residential neighborhood. Sort of forces the “freeway” option on us whether we like it or not.

• Unfortunately our incumbent councilman (“a proven leader for tough times,” Ha! Ha!) speaks out of both sides of his mouth and supports or opposes freeway/parkway/whatever depending on how the wind is blowing. His opposition, “keeping neighborhoods safe” (how is he doing that?) and “new direction” (hope and change?) leave us little opportunity to create an upset. Sal DiCiccio is well-funded ... wonder why I keep getting his annoying recorded messages from Area Code 949?

But perhaps there is long-term hope. We have a clearly gerrymandered City Council district, tying us to Arcadia. Any attorneys out there who think a Federal Civil Rights suit might be in order?

• Health bill. Civilization began when communities stopped leaving their ill, injured or wounded behind to die alone. Civilization ends when governments decide whether you have enough value to the community to be worth getting medical care. Obama clearly blames insurance companies for his mother’s death from cancer. One then has to wonder if this whole health bill isn’t a personal vendetta against private insurance companies? Remember, like forest fires, “Only Obama can prevent excessive tonsillectomies.” The “Public Option” guarantees NO competition rather than what Obama touts.

Compare the “Public Option” to the performance of the post office to get a realistic comparison.

• Our post office is bankrupt. Perhaps because of “Ship anywhere for one flat rate”... on the taxpayer’s dime? Why can’t we, in our government, learn accounting, and figure out what to charge for postage. Perhaps stop giving away low rates to junk mail? Besides, who uses “snail mail” anyway? I use two postage stamps per month, all the rest of my bills are paid via the Internet.

With texting and Twitter, who needs to write a letter?

• The only way socialism can present the illusion of “working” is at the point of a gun. “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” (Winston Churchill)

• With the introduction of Obama’s carbon taxes it is likely that my (and your) annual energy costs will DOUBLE (most of SRP’s power plants are coal-fired). The really big con is now in motion. Just prior to the next election, Obama and Comrades will point to (naturally) decreasing temperatures and claim his Cap and Trade regulations are responsible. All the doobees will then suck up and vote his way again. After all he didn’t raise their taxes. And they’re too ignorant to tie those regulations to doubled electricity prices and $4 gasoline. I’ll be in orgasmic-level Schadenfreude.

• The fish rots from the head down. Needs no elaboration, does it? And we know what the fish represents.

• “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is natural manure.” (Thomas Jefferson). I wonder if SEIU union and ACORN thugs will be brave enough to wear their T-shirts in public when we reach that point in our dissent.

• For nine years there has been a BAN on government Web sites, using cookies to track constituents. In Obama-speak “constituent” means us little NAZIs. So, this past week Obama lifted the ban ... with lots of balderdash as to how it’s all for the public good.

• If the governor raises sales taxes, I’ll reduce my expenses by the same ratio, BUT I’ll not use my credit cards, I’ll pay cash. So I won’t harm the small businessman, just stick it to the government ... a government which seems dismally unable to match expense with income, like us ordinary people need to do.

• Obama paid off the Teamsters Union, by making them part owners of GM, while letting major bondholders’ investments become worthless. I find it incredibly amusing that most of the losers were teachers’ union retirement funds, the very people who elected Obama.

• We are in a textbook case of a communist takeover. Think not? Watch the movie Doctor Zhivago one more time. My wife and I just did.

• Things could get better, but that’s not the only option. No matter how bad things are, Congress can always make things worse.


After leaving West Virginia, Jim Thompson graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, followed by a master’s degree from Arizona State University. He has lived in Ahwatukee Foothills for 16 years. Contact him at JimsFanMail@analog-innovations.com.

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