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I think the middle of August in Phoenix is a great time to talk about hell, don’t you?

The Bible speaks volumes about good ol’ H - E - double hockey sticks and one thing is for sure — people there don’t need a jacket and mittens to keep warm. Like the rich man in Luke 16.24 its inhabitants will be longing for a cool drop of water on their hot, parched tongues.

I’m not sure why God chose to make hell unbearably hot instead of freezing cold. Neither condition is much fun. Maybe He just flipped a coin. Either way, He is making a point that this is not a place you want to end up residing in. A lot of us don’t like to think about hell, talk about hell or read about hell. But that doesn’t change the reality of it.

The minute we are born the clock starts ticking ….

Last month I flew up to Casper, Wyo., to hang out with a bunch of old people. It was my 40th high school reunion. We all lied to each other about how good we looked but I’ll tell you what … we all looked way better back in 1974 and we’ll all look a lot worse in 2024! The clock keeps ticking ….

God is a good God; so loving, so merciful, so patient. He says, “It is not my will that anyone should perish but that all would come to repentance” (2 Peter 3.9).

Life is short, but it’s still plenty long enough to decide where we want to spend eternity. God doesn’t send people to hell. He just honors our decision to want Him in our life (and then continue that on in Heaven) or not want a relationship with Him (and then continue that on in … Phoenix in August).

I encourage you to walk with God and stay cool, my friends, both now and forever!

• Brad Butler is a PGA golf pro who worships at Mountain Park Community Church in Ahwatukee. He can be reached at bbgolf@cox.net.

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