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After starting our church and being the head pastor for almost 20 years, my friend Robin decided to change jobs and focus on helping other pastors do what he did. He’s now been a part of more than two dozen new church plants around the United States and it’s awesome to see God using him in this way.

However, that meant we had to go through the not-so-fun pastor search process. We interviewed several people and ended up choosing this pasty white, bug-eyed guy from Canada who thinks grown men chasing each other around an ice-skating rink is a manly sport.

In his first sermon, Allan stood up, looked out over the sea of tan, good-looking, well-groomed people and said, “I feel like I’ve just been hired to play the pastor role on a season of ‘Beverly Hills 90210.’”

Since then, we’ve grown to love him and his family (even his mother-in-law is fun to be around. I know, that’s amazing). Allan has put together a great staff, a wonderful worship team, and he pretty much hits a homerun each week with his sermon. He has a very effective way of cracking us up with a funny life story and then hitting us with a little zinger that makes us go, “Ouch, OK, maybe I could be doing a little more to take it to the next level.”

We lost some people when Allan first took the reigns because his “old-fashioned” morals rubbed them the wrong way. An example would be he actually thinks it’s wrong for people to live together and be sexually active without being married. And he won’t have a closed-door meeting or do a one-on-one lunch with someone of the opposite sex. Can you believe this guy? I find this sort of “Leave it to Beaver” morality absolutely, well … refreshing.

Allan isn’t here to tell us what we want to hear. He’s here to preach the Word of God to us without watering it down to fit our affluent Ahwatukee lifestyles.

Allan, your singing is pretty average, your dancing is at best average, and your opinion of Wayne Gretzky is way, way too high. But when it comes to being a solid man of God I give you a 9.5. Thanks for taking the job. We are blessed to have you.

Brad Butler is a PGA golf pro who attends Mountain Park Community Church in Ahwatukee Foothills. He can be reached at bbgolf@cox.net.

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