Dear Editor: (Editor's Note: Lisa Pivin was in a crash at Chandler Boulevard and 48th Street April 17 and wrote this letter specifically for the driver who caused the crash, but also as a reminder to all drivers about being cautious). As I rocked my new baby to sleep tonight and watched her rest so peacefully, I wondered how different tonight would have been if the car accident yesterday had been worse. If my little baby had been in the car and hurt, instead of being home tonight - I would be at the hospital with her, never leaving her side, day or night. If she had been lost, I would be devastated, unable to cope. If something had happened to me, I can't even begin to imagine the chaos in my household. Instead of rocking my baby to sleep, reading to my 3-year-old and putting her to bed (which I had to pass off to my husband tonight due to sore neck/shoulders) and kissing my husband good night - a typical evening - my house would have been in complete chaos. There would have been a crying, hungry baby with no mommy to give her milk. There would have been a confused 3-year-old asking why her mommy wasn't home yet. There would have been a stunned, shocked husband and father - wondering if he could make it through the night and how he could make it through life raising two young girls on his own. I am so thankful that tonight was a "normal" evening and not the situation it could have been. I am angered that careless lack of attention could have resulted in turning my famly upside down forever with irreparable damages. Please remember this every time you put your keys in the ignition and every time you feel the urge to drive faster to get to where you need to go. Lisa Pivin

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