Animal Rescuers

Host of The Animal Rescuers show, Kimber Leigh, smiles for the camera as she met with the search and rescue group in Mingus Mountain.

Phoenix residents Cory Mandall and Kimber Leigh both are avid animal lovers dedicated to saving as many abused or displaced animals as they can.

In order to spread awareness and steam roll their undying cause, the duo began their own web television show, “The Animal Rescuers,” to spread the word about how to save as many misplaced animals as they can.

The show’s main aim is to give the viewers information on potential adoption programs, donation opportunities, and awareness on helping animals.

Their mission statement also informs the public on how rescuing these animals work.

“The Animal Rescuers” began last December with web episodes, and as of right now they have done 29 different episodes.

Episodes of “The Animal Rescuers” consist of featuring an animal rescue group, separating into two segments where they interview the workers at the facilities and then do a walk through showing what the facilities consist of.

Mandall said during the show they try to feature an adoption event or a human interest story pertaining to the topic they are speaking about.

Before the show was brought to fruition, Mandall had always been an advocate on assisting with rescuing different types of animals.

“We have groups of experts that come on the show who give tips on various things,” Mandall said. “The four basic premises of the show are adopt, donating, volunteering and nurturing. Every show is devoted to those guidelines in some way.”

When starting the show, Mandall said he would hand pick the places that would be featured, but after time he was being contacted by different rescue groups around the Valley for exposure.

While sitting at his desk one day the idea for the show came about, and he began on his quest of what he has always been passionate about; rescuing animals.

Mandall pitched the idea to Pet Planet for sponsorship and without even seeing one episode Pet Planet decided to sponsor “The Animal Rescuers.”

Once the show was given the OK to run, Mandall needed a loveable character to host the show, which was his sidekick, Leigh.

Leigh said she met Mandall during a difficult time in her life.

She was still in mourning after losing two of her dogs, which she considered her own children.

To get her mind off the loss of her two dogs, Leigh decided to shoot a mini-project with her camera and made a Facebook post seeing if anyone would like to work alongside her.

“I put a picture of a camera on Facebook and Cory wrote back to me and told me the idea of the show,” Leigh said. “I never saw myself in animal rescue, but since the show I can’t see myself anywhere else.”

Mandall said animal rescuing is not sectioned in one particular area, yet it’s a concern that stretches across multitudes of different regions, and they plan on spreading awareness about their cause wherever they can go.

“In this day and age people cannot afford sometimes to keep their animals. What the problem is they don’t know we have groups that can help them with the animals, but they don’t know how to reach out,” Mandall said. “That’s what we are trying to do, is provide information to them.”

For any animal rescue group in Ahwatukee interested in being featured in the next “The Animal Rescuers” video, email Mandall at

To see all “The Animal Rescuers” videos, visit

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