Kiki is currently Arizona Rescue’s longest-term feline guest and as much as shelter workers love her, “we’d love for Kiki to ring in the New Year with her forever family,” Rescue spokeswoman Jenny Bernot said.

“Kiki’s good looks dazzle, with striking orange eyes, long white whiskers set against soft black fur, and white knee socks on each hind leg,” she said. “One of her most distinguishing features is what she doesn’t have – Kiki is missing about 90 percent of her tail.  Amputation was the only option after someone put a rubber band around it and cut off her circulation.”

Even so, 4-year-old Kiki “is happy” and “shakes her whole body back and forth to express her happiness. She wags her tail nub so fast you hardly notice she is missing the rest of her tail!  Kiki has more than bounced back from this terrible experience,” Bernot said.

“This affectionate gal runs to greet you as you enter the room and follows you around meowing for attention,” she added, stating the “sweet, friendly” cat loves to be petted so much that “her whole body wiggles.”

“She’ll make herself comfortable plopped down beside you or in your lap. She enjoys being brushed as well; if you hold the brush in front of her sometimes she’ll just lean right in and start brushing herself,” Bernot said.

A cat who “loves to play with just about anything, she enjoys chasing balls, playing in the crinkly tunnel toy, and pursuing all types of wands toys,” Bernot said. And she “would enjoy having another cat in her new home to cuddle with and practice her wrestling maneuvers.”

“Kiki is a beautiful, affectionate, spunky, and resilient gal who has thrived in spite of the cruelty she experienced,” she added. “Kiki will be a wonderful companion and will bring a lot of laughter and love to the family lucky enough to bring this special girl home.”


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