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So much of Chinese medicine is linked to how our emotions are connected to our health and well being.  In fact the very fundamentals of Chinese medicine are reflected in the five elemental theory. This theory states each major organ has a specific emotion that affects it. It also states that out of that negative emotion can come a positive drive. For instance, at one point in my life I got angry with the way that I was being treated as a patient. I was also upset that there were no options to help me in my condition. If that wouldn’t of happened I would have never thought of becoming a health care provider. Out of that anger came a passion to help others in their healing process.

Our emotions should be celebrated and not denied or looked bad upon. Probably one of the biggest challenges that we have in life is learning how to deal with our emotions. This very challenge or test will also directly affect our health and well being. More studies are showing exactly how our emotions are not just something that affects our brains. There is new evidence showing how it can literally affect each and every one of our cells in our bodies. Neurotransmitters are chemicals in the brain that create signals from a neuron to a cell. These neurotransmitters send out signals that will release chemicals that go into the body and affect our cells. Currently, more than 100 of these chemicals have been identified. Studies are showing that this process is caused by our emotions and how we feel.

Dr. Leaf is one of my favorite researchers and authors on thought life. She says that studies today show 87 to 95 percent of illnesses today are linked to our thought life. What we think about has a direct affect on our bodies. This can cause toxic emotions. Leaf has always been fascinated with the brain and particularly the effect of our thinking on our health and well being. She goes on to claim that research shows that the single emotion of fear is known to send out 1,400 chemical responses physically and emotionally. This in turn activates up to 30 hormone responses. All based on one single emotion of fear.  She claims the good news is that this can be changed within 21 days. By changing our thinking we can detox our brains. This can have a great impact on a cellular level. She has written a book about her research, called “Who switched off my brain.”

Another interesting researcher from Japan, Dr. Emoto, did a water experiment with emotions. This experiment has been highly published and shared throughout the world. He initially took three water bottles and labeled them each individually prayer, love and hate. He then acted out and projected those emotions towards these water bottles for a certain period of time. He froze the water before and after his experiment and took pictures of it under a high-powered microscope. The results were astounding. Each of these emotions pictured very differently before and after the experiment. Although the results after the experiment were most impressive. The water that had been prayed towards and loved showed the most beautiful ice crystals. The water that had been hated showed like sludge and muck from the side of the road after a snow storm. It was disgusting and detestable.

An insight that came out of this one experiment is emotions not only matter but have and effect on things. An effect on all things, even living organic beings. Our bodies are made up of 60 to 70 percent water. We are not just matter or mass and volume. We are vibrational and energetic beings just simply because of the fact that we are made up of so much water. The emotions that we feel and that we are exposed to are affecting our bodies in some way, positively and negatively. This also includes what we expose ourselves to through media such as television, movies and games. Our bodies are bringing this all in and are reacting in some way to the energy and intention around what we are exposed to in this life. This is something that we may not think much about but should probably pay more attention to in order to change our situation for the better.

Practicing gratitude is a great way to turn a negative thought into something positive. It is so easy every day to point out what went wrong. In reality so much of our day goes right. We should understand that in life we are promised suffering. It is our choice to be happy. Happiness is not something we just fall into. Each of us are given tools to be able to overcome any situation. A lot of those tools allow us to reach out for help with friends, family, employers or a health care provider.

We are also given the ability to step outside ourselves to help others in need. This is a huge blessing to take us out of our situation. Charity is not just meant for the holiday season. It is one of the best medicines we can give ourselves when we are suffering.

Gratitude will lead to contentment. Contentment is a learned process. When we look around we have so much to really be thankful for in this life. There are many that have so little and still live a life full of gratitude and contentment. This holiday season I encourage you to look at how much you can be thankful for this year. No matter what your situation is — you can be thankful. There can be joy even through suffering. This is one of the mysteries of life. When we focus on abundance and gratitude in our lives it will give us a greater capacity towards contentment. Contentment will not only lead us into a happier life but will also give us good health and well being. Start counting your blessings today. You may find yourself living a happy and fulfilled life of your dreams.


• Dawn Krueger-Sherin is an oriental medical practitioner in Ahwatukee Foothills. For questions, reach her at

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