Recently, while tucking our sweet daughter in bed, she needed some re-assuring as the next day was the first day of school for her after an eventful summer and she was feeling a little trepidation inside.

Suddenly, I remembered a funny story that I could relay to her and the room was filled with laughter and levity.

When Drew was 4 years old, she was determined to sell some of her artwork, which she completed on nice linen paper with her fancy-colored pencils. The only challenge was that she wanted to sell these works of art on approximately July 20, 2008, which was a balmy 109 degrees here in Phoenix.

Drew got her little appetizer tray out — you know the wood ones that some of you may have received when you got married, and she marched out onto our street corner determined to sell her handy work completed with colored pencils.

Immediately, my mind began to race. I was so afraid her heart was going to get broken due to a lack of sales. I was thinking of ways that I could somehow run to neighbors’ homes without her seeing me so that I could encourage a few guaranteed purchases.

However, before I could complete my plot to assist, my mouth dropped open and I was speechless, as two young buys came by and before I knew what was happening, they actually dug deep into their pockets, smiled gently, and they each purchased one of Drew’s larger portraits for $1 each. Drew was very content with her $2 in sales and I think one neighbor spotted us and purchased four paintings for the price of three to round out Drew’s sales at $5 for the day.

Drew folded up her little art stand, and said, “ You see dad I knew today would be a good day”

I smiled all the way home and thanked the Heavens that in this simple way, innocence was preserved and optimism was fortified.

So why do I convey this story? I do so because we have often become a society that knows too much; expects the worst outcome at times or distrusts that good can and or will transpire.

I am not saying to simply go against the odds and start your sales on 109 degrees days. But rather, all I am doing is encouraging you to sprinkle in a little of the beginner’s mind, the childlike state, and perhaps just maybe, a few extra opportunities may come your way. I hope and pray and trust that this can be true for you and all those whom you love.

With the awareness that health is wealth, and that gratitude never gets old.

• Dr. Jason Kolber is a licensed doctor of chiropractic and a certified life coach. He can be contacted at (480) 704-2787 or

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