Recently, my wife and I attended a wonderful conference in the Midwest and we had the chance to see so many special friends, many of which traveled from Europe and Asia.

During the weekend, a speaker told a very valuable story that I would like to share with you.

Jane, who is a 47-year-old teacher, was grocery shopping in the Midwest later one evening. As some may be familiar with the Midwest, as Jane was leaving the store, a very strong gusts of wind whirled around her and she felt as though any minute her shopping cart might topple over.

As the wind continued to whip, the receipt flew out of her bag. She made the decision to make a quick dash and pursue the receipt, and just as the receipt was within her grasp, that tricky and snide old wind lifted the receipt off of the cold concrete and caused the receipt to sail away. At this point her purse was still in the cart and Jane looked around to see if anyone might take her belongings.

The coast was clear and for some reason, instead of letting the receipt go, Jane continued her mad dash and chased the receipt across the parking lot and finally with her last grasp, she tackled the piece of paper that she coveted so much.

Now in her mind, Jane thought that perhaps she had failed a spiritual lesson, and perhaps she should have just let the frivolous paper go. However, just as she had obtained the receipt, she heard a man call out who was gathering together any of the metal shopping carts that had been left aside by previous shoppers and the man chimed in: “with pursuit and focus like that, you probably can accomplish anything!”

It turns out the man had watched Jane run wide receiver routes and chase the receipt and he as a worker of the store was generously keeping an eye on Jane’s belongings. What he didn’t know was that by yelling out his 10-second compliment, he had changed Jane’s life.

For you see, Jane had been contemplating pursuing her real dream of writing children’s books just that evening while she was purchasing her favorite oatmeal, and she had asked for a sign from above whether her goals were too lofty, or perhaps should she pursue her dreams and write uplifting children’s stories and myths and legends.

For Jane, these few words rung true for her, and perhaps changed her course forever.

I just love this story as it speaks to the power of perseverance and to the power of encouragement. Sometimes someone we meet may literally be one day, one hour, or even one second away from giving up their goals, or perhaps they are sitting on the fence and just need a gentle nude.

Who knows, that gentle nudge might be a listening ear or a loving or an uplifting comment from you.

As you pursue your greatest levels of health, optimism and inspiration, we hope that even a few words we share will help you along the way.

May today’s and tomorrow’s journeys be filled with wind beneath your wings. Just like Jane’s receipt.


Dr. Jason Kolber is a licensed doctor of chiropractic and a certified life coach. He can be contacted at (480) 704-2787 or

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