A visitor named Gulan came to visit a wise man in a remote village. This visitor, Gulan, wanted to demonstrate his own amazing insight and intended to upstage the wise man. Gulan announced to the village that he intended to overpower the wise man in a public debate.

When the wise man entered the room, he took the initiative, however, and mentioned a complex dream he had recently had. He then suddenly turned to his visitor and asked him if he could tell him about the dream, so that the visitor may give his interpretation to all who were present.

The wise man shared that he had a dream and both he and Gulan were in it. The wise man then went on by describing the following dream event: “I saw your hand immersed in a jar of honey, while my hand was immersed in the latrine.”

The visitor hastened to interpret: “It is quite obvious! You are immersed in wrong pursuits, whereas I am leading a righteous life.”

“But,” the wise man shared, “there is more to the dream.”

The visitor asked him to continue.

The wise man then went on by telling this: “You preceded to lick my hand and I was licking yours.”

I just love this story as it speaks to the importance of true humility and it reminds us not to pretend to be able to completely interpret someone else’s experience. Ultimately, we believe that people can be their own best authority.

This story very much reminds me of all the seminars that encourage people to “ take charge” and the speakers tell the audience “what it is that they need.”

Surely it is wonderful to learn and to be informed, however, we often find that if we can take the opportunity to ask someone what might be the message or lesson behind their challenge, they might be able to start the healing process as a collaborative partner.

Just as the wise man illustrated that there may be many messages behind one’s experience, we too can choose to withhold judgement and witness how one’s healing process and life situations may unfold.

We feel that at times it takes the right facilitator to ask the specific questions, and to be able to a be a positive force for healing and upliftment. Just when it seems as though one door closes, another opens.

Happy new year and may many new fulfilling experiences come your way!

• Dr. Jason Kolber is a licensed doctor of chiropractic and a certified life coach. He can be contacted at (480) 704-2787 or www.livinginline.com.

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