Recently while traveling, I was listening to a local AM radio station. In between the jazz tunes that were being shared, the radio announcer enjoyed sharing heartwarming stories or quick snippets that uplift the human spirit. The announcer had a deep and silky voice and his delivery was calming, almost as if I was sitting fireside with him for story time.

Just after a Miles Davis set was complete; the announcer chuckled and shared a heartwarming tale regarding a little girl named Lucy. Lucy is a Girl Scout and she is in the fifth grade. She is a very motivated young scout, and it sounded as though her bright red hair and dimples were irresistible. Lucy set her heart on winning the prize for the most Girl Scout cookies sold in her area. One day, her mother walked into her room and she noticed that Lucy had been drawing an interesting looking squiggly line, almost resembling a road map on a large sheet of bright yellow paper. It turns out that Lucy and her grandfather had created a scheme. Lucy would set up shop in front of every senior citizen center within 10 miles of her school. Lucy displayed a sign that read, “Please help a sweet girl who loves her grandfather so much and help me sell the most cookies so that I can make my Pop-Pop Max proud!”

Lucy’s sign also featured pictures of Lucy and her Grandpa Max at the zoo, at the park, and the two reading together. There was nothing un-true about her sign. It spoke to people’s hearts, and besides, a few little Thin Mint cookies can always brighten one’s day.

Needless to say, Lucy won the award for cookie sales in her area, and she was voted most likely to excel in marketing in the future. The hug from Grandpa Max was also just as sweet.

So why do I share this story with you?

Lucy figured out that a compelling story that speaks to the heart is effective and powerful. It is with this awareness that we hope people who you interact with can embrace this approach and speak to the heart; even a little bit.

When we see people filled with more vitality, more peace, more energy, and more reserve, they have a greater experience in life.

When we approach people from the heart and uplift them a bit, they look forward to opportunities, are more likely to create friendships, more likely to succeed at work, and happiness is more likely to bubble to the surface.

Health and optimism in general is not sexy. But the benefits that come from feeling healthy and uplifted and amazing sure are.

Listen to your heart and ask this question: “Do I have room for more energy, opportunity, optimism, and peace?”

If the answer is even a whisper of yes, then we encourage you to participate with people in your life that create peace, bounty, joy, and positive vibrations.

Just ask Lucy, stories from the heart speak volumes. When people see you looking more optimistic and living a life of radiance, you too will have a compelling story to tell.

Well done Lucy, well done.

• Dr. Jason Kolber is a licensed doctor of chiropractic and a certified life coach. He can be contacted at (480) 704-2787 or

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