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At approximately 13 years old, I started a pre-baseball ritual that put me into a meditative state.

I used to run the shower to an extremely hot temperature and I would let the bathroom get very steamy, and then I would stretch my body and rock my body in the warm water, and I created a sense of flow throughout, my spine and musculature.

Now, clearly at 13 years old I was not on some grand stage or pitching for a World Series ring, but for me, this was a time of focus, and deep meditation and prayer.

I remember visualizing home plate and I remember seeing myself from above with perfect arm position and I can even see at this very moment what it looked like as the ball came rifling out of my hand. Well, I am not sure it was a total rifle mechanism, but at the time I could have sworn I was throwing 100 mph.

I remember thinking of this time as shower power and I physically and mentally can travel back to that feeling of warmth, and peace, and relaxation. In fact, I still travel to that place today.

Now some may wonder why I took relaxing showers before I played, and I think the reason is that my internal engines revved at such a high rate and the peaceful environment helped me access the zone.

Furthermore, I have to really thank my parents as they never once were bothered by the concept that I was probably running up the water bill.

I share this with you today because I have always been a shower power guy, and recently, while staying in a nice hotel on the road, I decided that I would take a hot bath.

I guess all these years of being around my wife, Elissa, has taught me that there is strength in presence and pace and I do not need to race all of the time. OK, I am still learning that, but I am evolving.

So, I recently made myself a wonderfully warm bubble bath in a beautiful sunken tub, and as soon as the tub was filled, I immediately heard the sound of the water draining. I instantly was struck with the image that this is what life and health is like. Just when we get filled up, there are factors that can deplete our reserves.

So after much wiggling of the faucet, I created just the right amount of trickle of water to over-ride the factor that some of the water was sneaking away down the cavernous drain.

I pictured someone in the old-fashioned movies siphoning gas out of someone’s fuel tank with a rickety garden hose. Man, that had to taste bad.

OK, so what is the point? Well, I thought about how health requires constant positive influx. So does marriage, spiritual life, parenting, friendships, finances, and family. I guess anything can easily be depleted if it is not tended to and enhanced.

So I ask you: How are you filling up your reservoir of water? Are there factors that continually act like the famous “hole in the bucket dear Liza, dear Liza? Are you fixing it dear Henry, dear Henry?”

I believe we must constantly evaluate how we can move forward if we want to succeed, and at the same time, we have to factor in any depleting elements such as roles we play, interactions we experience, and choices we make.

• Dr. Jason Kolber is a licensed doctor of chiropractic and a certified life coach. Reach him at (480) 704-2787 or

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