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You’ve heard it a million times: check with your doctor to make sure not being a couch potato is right for you. Your doctor might not clear you to run a marathon, but hopefully he will clear you to put the remote down and start moving at some level. That will be the easy part.

Now comes the hard part. What do you want? How do you want to look, feel and perform? You want to lose a little weight, firm up some and fit in your pants easier.

This is a worthwhile aim, but a poor answer. Nothing in the previous statement is achievable. It is like trying to touch the horizon. No matter how far you travel your “goal” is always the same distance away. The next 10 questions will help create a clear picture of what you want and the next step to achieve it.

1. If it was possible to win the fitness lottery and you would wake up tomorrow with everything you ever wanted from your body what would be different and how would you know? Is this how you see yourself?

How you want to look, feel and perform will determine the best program for you. There are few things more important than how you see yourself. It is almost impossible to change who you are in the long term if it is inconsistent with how you see yourself.

2. How do we quantify your ideal self? You want your pants to fit better? Your goal should be a waist measurement of X. I want to lose weight? You should weigh X pounds. You want to firm up?

Measuring firmness is difficult. But a good correlation is being stronger. Pick three lifts as an example: squat, bench press and deadlift. How many pounds for how many repetitions? Trust me, you will be firmer if you can bench your body weight, 2X bodyweight squat and 2.5X bodyweight deadlift.

3. Now that you have a clear mental picture of how you want to look, feel and perform, how does it make you happy?

4. Are you afraid of failing? Why are you afraid? What’s keeping you from taking the next step?

5. What additional support do you need?

6. When you achieve your ideal look, feel and perform state how would this change the rest of your life?

7. What does your head, heart and gut say? What will it take for all three to have the same answer?

All three decision makers should agree if this is what you really want.

8. What next action would make the biggest change? What are you waiting to happen before you take this action?

After you’ve reflected on the questions above, take a minute to answer the bonus million dollar question: Based on your answers above, what are you ready, willing and able to take ACTION on in the next three days?

Now do it.

• Resident Jake Parent is with Tribal Crossfit, 6170 W. Chandler Blvd. Reach him at (602) 492-7348.

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